Outrageous! January 7, 2021

The demonstrations in DC? No, the response to them by law enforcement and security forces. Consider: Everybody knew at least a month ago that there were going to be demonstrations in DC when the Congress convened to certify the election. Now, let’s say you are in charge of security in the Capitol. What’s the first thing you would do? Isn’t it obvious? They demonstrators want to keep Congress from voting. DUH!

Sigh. A sixth grader would have the obvious answer. Protect the Congress. Provide a security perimeter around the buildings. Armed defenders at every door. Nobody gets in except the people who have business there…the politicians and their staff, etc. How many people would it take to keep the demonstrators out? Maybe a hundred. It sounds like they had nobody there to keep people from entering the building. How dumb is that?

The only conclusion I can draw is that either the security forces, and/or their leaders are either incompetent…or complicit. There is absolutely no excuse for letting a bunch of hooligans disrupt the government of the United States. Somebody, or maybe a bunch of somebodies, need to be sacked for this.


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