The Problem with “God”: Classical Theism under the Spotlight

The Problem with “God”: Classical Theism under the Spotlight January 11, 2021

As some of you may know, I released an ebook in 2015 – an anthology of pieces, mainly from my blog, concerning the idea of OmniGod (the god of classical theism). This was a reasonably-priced ebook because most of my material was available around the internet. Due to a few requests, I have made this into a reasonably-priced paperback offering as well.

The manuscript has been cleaned up and reformatted appropriately and I am proud to announce that the book – The Problem with “God”: Classical Theism under the Spotlight [UK] is now available in renewed ebook and new paperback for its second edition.

Please help me out by grabbing a copy. I have tried to keep the costs down as much as possible so it is very much a labour of love to allow my work to reach further or be more useful without costing the earth. I do no Patreon stuff, so my book sales are my primary source of income right now!

On this note, I am excited to mention another anthology of essays, some brand new, in a “collected essays” on the philosophy of religion anthology. These are meatier pieces interspersed with some shorter ones to give a sense of variety, covering topics from ontology through epistemology to morality.

I am presently unsure of the title and I will announce it more formally soon.

Anyhow, please check out my newly release Problem with “God” book. Thanks people!


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