Media Bias and More Partisan News for the UK

Media Bias and More Partisan News for the UK January 25, 2021

Not one, but two.

“Star hosts gear up as Britain braces for partisan TV news”, the headline reads.

This is pretty dismal news, in my opinion. We have GB News, an anti-BBC Brexiteer-funded new news channel joined by another Murdoch owned news offering, another channel. Partisan news, but only for the right. Who represents the left? No one. Because this is all about vested interest and corporate sponsorship money and more money and more money. This is not about news and facts and truth.

I can tell you from watching a massive amount of US news, as I have in the last year, that the BBC is as close to the centre as you will get. It is harangued by the right and harangued by the left, which means it’s probably doing its job. If you look closely, you will notice that it has virtually no opinion in it. You watch Fox or CNN or any US news source and, when they report the news, they litter each segment with a huge amount of opinion from each news anchor or reporter. This simply doesn’t happen with the BBC at all. Indeed, sometimes I actually crave that they did this because they attempt to be so objective and opinionless that the news can feel somewhat vacuous in comparison to what you get in the US. But be careful what you wish for.

Here is an updated media bias infographic for you to disagree over:

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