Capitol Double Standards

Capitol Double Standards January 27, 2021

As my friend said:

This meme is making the rounds and misses a key point. Two years after his release, Kalief hanged himself at his parents’ house. He was 22.

Racism kills.

To add to this… Fun fact. The 2018 Sunrise climate change protest had twice as many protesters arrested than were arrested for the insurrection at the Capitol. Young kids protesting about the environment. That, there, is how messed up the US is.

As The Independent reports of Williams:

The Justice Department told a federal court on Monday that Riley Williams, a Pennsylvania woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the attack on the Capitol, may be destroying digital evidence in her possession and encouraging others to do the same, according to NBC’s Washington affiliate.

Prosecutors are asking the judge in the case to prohibit further internet access.

Ms Williams, a 22-year-old from Harrisburg, faces a number of charges from her alleged participation in the attack, and was released to the custody of her mother last week to await trial, and has since allegedly deleted her Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram and Parler accounts….

Authorities located Ms Williams, who was released from jail on Thursday, after an ex-boyfriend said friends showed him a video of Ms Williams involved in taking the laptop during the attack. The tipster also said he believed Ms Williams wanted to give the laptop to a friend in Russia, who intended to sell it to the country’s intelligence services.

Quite how and why the full force of the law hasn’t come down on her like a tonne of bricks, but for other protestors is exacted, I don’t know.

For an interesting legal discussion, this video is worth watching (it’s a week old now):


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