Biden’s Landmark Environmental Positioning

Biden’s Landmark Environmental Positioning January 30, 2021

Just one more on politics (though this is about the environment) before I get back to talking God. I wanted to write this earlier this week but didn’t have the time. I did say this elsewhere:

Holy crap, I’m sad enough to be watching the climate press conference on the White House from John Kerry and Gina McCarthy and it’s been brilliant. So darned refreshing. This gives me hope. Real hope for the future. Competent people saying almost completely the right things. And they are selling it to the people with good paying union jobs and the economy. Biden has nailed his politics here: four-way intersectionality.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of this for world history. This is a landmark moment.

Biden’s executive orders have come thick and fast and they are representative of what his focus is, which, as they mention in the briefing, are the four intersectional pillars.

It is so refreshing to have a US leader who not only has actual policies, but also has plans and puts timeframes on his plans. I saw some analysis the other day comparing his (quite frankly normal/ordinary) organisational prowess compared to that of Trump.

I really rated this press briefing: the intention, the determination and desire, the policy. Kerry and McGrath really do seem like the right people for the job. In general terms, what a breath of fresh air.

Almost literally.

Yes, as the press corps noticed, there were some noticeable anomalies – coal was missing as the subject of one of the orders concerning decisions to be made on federal land. This is an interesting anomaly because it seems to relate to the importance of coal in swing states or states with Democrat leaders.

So much competence, and such a sensible approach. If you want the US population to embrace climate change science and policy, you need to sell it as economics. At the same time, the Dems need to attract back those (white) working-class voters, so wrapping this all up in good-paying union jobs is spot on.

The intersectionality is also vital for this to work. The four crises that the Biden administration need to deal with are the pandemic, the climate crisis, the economic crisis and the racial equality crisis; and to deal with one is to deal with them all. Any solution to the climate must take into account solving the other three simultaneously.

Again, this is about prioritising and setting your stall out early on. Climate science denialists can catch up, if they’re sensible. Or they can stay on the wrong side of history. Either way, they probably need to grow up.

One thing that is worth recognising is the analysis that has been done by insurance companies and banks. It’s a but like the betting odds for the general election – these arguably represent a better evaluation of what is going on because there is a lot of money on the line. If banks and insurance companies are gearing up for a climate crisis, chances are we are having one, irrespective of what some right-wing nutjobs say on the sidelines.

Furthermore, this applies just as much to the fossil fuel industries. Whilst on the one hand they are funding a massive amount of disinformation and faux-science to destabilise the climate change movement, they know this is only a delaying tactic. We know that these companies are diversifying.

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