Political Bots Being Used to Sway Opinion

Political Bots Being Used to Sway Opinion February 7, 2021

This has just been happening on Twitter (as it has for years):

En masse spelling mistakes aside, this is insidious and horrible. Public opinion is being swayed by simulated/dishonest/untrue creations.

This is disinformation.

Quite how the government can, on the one hand, rightly spout off about disinformation concerning Covid, and on the other, insidiously spread disinformation in a different context for their own gain, I don’t know. Actually, I do know: politics and power.

There have been many articles written on this over the years since 2016, when it was used on a big scale to influence the US presidential election. For example:

For an incredible analysis on this, I really, really do advise you read this Twitter thread, which goes on to find a connection between Johnson, Brexit, MAGA and Islamaphobia via bots:

Click on that and go and find out what he found out. Fascinating.

Then check out his part two, again looking at the MAGA connection:

In an era of manipulation of our volitions with those harnessing Big Data, we need to be extra vigilant. Thanks to those who crunch the data on behalf of Joe Bloggs.

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