A Must Watch on Trump-Putin Collusion

A Must Watch on Trump-Putin Collusion February 11, 2021

Conservatives love to shout down any claims of Russian collusion when discussing Trump. What liberals could do with is some people who have done a tonne of research and spoken to top experts in the geo-political and intelligence arenas.

Enter stage right Active Measures.

Wow, how did I not know this existed? This is a phenomenal 2018 documentary that is chock full of soooo much information and soooo many connections. The Trump-Putin connections are indisputable.

If you do nothing else this weekend, watch this. In the UK, it is on Amazon Prime for “free”. In the States, I think it is on Hulu. Get hold of it. Watch it. It has blown my mind.

I honestly don’t want to hear from any Trumpistas here until they have genuinely watched this.

Here is an interview with the director:


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