Hello again, Dave; and thanks for showing your true colors here.

First, I notice that article you cite starts with a list of articles about the Crusades, Inquisition and Burning Times. What the AF69 does that have to do with any child-sex-abuse scandal?!

And second, this little gem of yours leaped out at me:

The terrible revelations now being exposed can potentially be a huge wake-up call to reform seminaries, Catholic educational institutions, and the priesthood from the inroads of theological modernism, false psychological thinking, “political correctness,” heterodox, compromised teaching on sexuality, and relativist, non-traditional ethics and morality in general.

Which would be exactly the wrong, and worst, response to this sex-abuse scandal. Just for starters, clerical child-sex-abuse predates ALL of those things you say you want to purge from the Church. By CENTURIES. ETA: This was also happening in Ireland, back when it was a Catholic theocracy in all but name (Ireland IIRC didn’t even legalize birth-control until the 1990s).

Furthermore, it’s “political correctness, heterodox, compromised teaching on sexuality, relativist, non-traditional ethics and morality in general” that enabled us, as a society, to identify child-sexual-abuse as wrong and harmful in the first place, to enable its victims to speak out, and to investigate and call out the perpetrators. That’s not the problem, it’s the SOLUTION! And getting rid of the solution won’t solve the problem; it will only allow your Church to cover everything up, silence dissent, and continue, unchecked and unaccountable, for another generation, or until another wave of allegations comes out and your sad cycle of reaction and retrenchment starts up again.

Oh. My. Gods. I didn’t expect your response to this scandal to be all that helpful; but neither did I expect it to be as blatantly dishonest and evil as this. Congratulations, Dave, you actually managed to shock me.

Cynthia was in agreement:

I was about the post almost exactly the same thing.

He wasn’t posting a condemnation of the Church’s role in child sex abuse at all. He was doing the exact opposite: some whataboutism, some attempts to shift the target to the stuff that he doesn’t like without a shred of evidence that these things had anything whatsoever to do with the abuse, and a whole lot of silence on the actual factors that enabled abuse and that the church is STILL doing on an institutional level to make life harder for ALL victims of abuse.

Will Armstrong tell us exactly how theological modernism, political correctness, compromised teachings on sexuality or non-traditional ethics had anything to do with the massive scale of abuse that First Nations children were subjected to in residential schools?

There is lots more and the conversation continues.