Goodacre on Markan Priority and the Gospel Datings

Goodacre on Markan Priority and the Gospel Datings June 9, 2021

I listened to some Mark Goodacre some years ago and have referred to him in my own texts, and it was great to watch him here. I loved this talk. I got a lot out of this especially the talk of the destruction of the Temple and the so-called prophecies, and the discussion of Q (one of Goodacre’s specialities).

He dates Mark definitely after the Destruction of the Temple, from the 70s (but could be as late as the 90s), Matthew after in 80s-90s, and then Luke in the early 2nd century with John later still.

The interesting thing is the definite linear development from Mark, through Matthew, with Luke using Matthew (not the other way round or any other version of the synoptic development); Goodacre also agrees with Steve Mason that Luke definitely knew Josephus’s writing, thus putting his date later than previously thought.

See Steve Mason with my friend Tim Mills here:

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