Does Behavior Justify Discrimination?

Does Behavior Justify Discrimination? June 10, 2021

In a recent discussion in a comment thread, I encountered an individual who justified discrimination against LGBTQ persons because of his faith.

He said, “Without freedom of conscience, there is no freedom.”

I replied, “So, let’s say you are a shopkeeper, and your conscience tells you that Black people are evil, then you should be entitled to ban them from your place of business?”

His reply: “You leftists and your patently ridiculous straw men. Being of a different race isn’t a sin but certain behaviors are.”

He is talking about homosexual behavior, obviously. But if that behavior is innate…i.e., determined by genetic content, then how can it be a sin? God, after all, created that individual.

His reply would be, I am sure: “Homosexuality is a chosen behavior, and therefore sinful.”

I know some gay and trans people, and they would all say, “Are you serious? Do you think I would be what I am if I could avoid it, with all of the social bigotry that it directs at me?”

So then, the question for the religious believer is: If this is innate behavior, determined by genetic heritage, how can you condemn it. Didn’t the Almighty define our genes?

The answer, I am sure, will be denial. Homosexuality is a chosen behavior, and therefore a sin.

There is no way to reason with that. It’s like arguing against the existence of the Big Daddy in the Sky who is watching over us…and letting us do all sorts of unspeakable things…like religious discrimination.

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