Courage and Cowardice

Courage and Cowardice June 17, 2021

In a comment thread recently, the subject of cowardice came up. Participants in the discussion were a notorious troll and several regular commenters. I won’t identify the troll. I do not want to give him any recognition at all. The discussion went like this:

Troll: One ongoing Big Lie is that the 2020 presidential election was fair, the fairest ever!

Respondent 1: So you are claiming that multiple Republican officials in numerous states all lied to help the Democrats?

Troll: Lied, or were in great and inexcusable ignorance.

Respondent 2: Yeah, all those Republican politicians, many of whom voted for Trump were liars or dummies. Oh wait! They were dummies. [they voted for him] But would they lie to elect his opponent? Something wrong here…

Troll: I should have added a third possibility. Cowardice!

 Were Republican election officials who certified Biden’s victory cowards? Many of them have taken a lot of political heat in their home states, and some may lose their jobs, or have reduced their chances for re-election. It would seem that it took quite a bit of political courage to withstand Trump’s abuse on Twitter, and in some cases, his personal demands via telephone calls to “find” the votes that would make him the winner.

Now consider members of Congress like Liz Cheney who blasted Trump for his claims of election fraud, and for his incitement of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. She must have known that making those statements was going to draw attacks from members of her party. And sure enough, they stripped her of her ranking and committee positions. It is likely that she will have trouble getting re-elected. She paid, and is paying, a high price for her honesty. To be clear, I am not a big Liz Cheney fan. She is a far Rignt-Winger. If she loses in the next election, I will only be sad because I know she will be replaced with another Trump toady.

But let us talk about cowardice. About the members of Congress who voted against certification of Biden’s election, in spite of the fact that those results had been certified by election officials, often Republican, in the “swing states.” Did they claim that there was election fraud? No! They knew that if they voted to confirm Biden, they would be vilified and probably not be re-elected in their home states. Honesty lost out to partisan loyalty, and their own concerns about their career. What a sad thing to say, when people put personal concerns above principles.

Thank you, Liz Cheney, for your courage in exposing their cowardice to us. I wish you well, even though I disagree with you on many issues. I wish more of your party were as honest as you.

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