Dr Joshua Bowen, Digital Hammurabi, and our Exodus Book

Dr Joshua Bowen, Digital Hammurabi, and our Exodus Book July 6, 2021

As you know, archaeologist Rebecca Bradley and I are writing a book in the trilogy of Critical Examination books I have written on the Exodus – The Exodus: A Critical Examination of the Moses Story.

I have been really stoked this week because Dr Josh Bowen, an Assyriologist whom I have already quoted a few times in the book, has agreed to write the foreword. He seems a really good guy. He has a new book out The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament Volume 1I have recently posted a few of his videos on the Pentateuch, and here is one I am listening to now:

Interesting stuff. What the Bible tells us about the Canaanites is pure propaganda.

The next on my list:

Anyway, check out his fascinating YouTube channel Digital Hammurabi that he does with Megan Lewis.

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