The Pandemic Is Making Us Crazy

The Pandemic Is Making Us Crazy July 13, 2021

Well, not all of us. Only certain segments of the population. Examples:


  1. On a recent flight from Texas (where else) to North Carolina, a woman went completely nuts, and tried to open the door at the front of the passenger cabin. The flight crew had to bind and gag her with duct tape (Yet another use for that versatile product) This is only one of many incidents that are becoming more common on planes these days.
  2. Incidents of road rage are increasing. You probably read about the nutcase on the freeway not far from where I am sitting. He became enraged when another car cut him off and pulled his gun and fired into the trunk of the car, killing a young boy sitting in the back seat. That’s just one example, but every time I get on the freeway, I see aggressive driving, often huge pickups with monstrous tires and loud mufflers, driving at 90-100 mph, cutting in and out of lanes, blasting their air horns at anybody who gets in their way.
  3. Gun homicides had been on a steady decline until the pandemic. Now they are up sharply, as are gun sales. More people are preparing themselves to do violence, or to protect themselves from the violence of others.

And then, there is the Right Wing paranoia about stolen elections, vaccines and climate change denial. It is apparent that the virus has caused a pandemic of mental illness amongst that political segment of the population.

President Biden put himself in their crosshairs when he urged local authorities to “go door-to-door, if necessary” to get more people vaccinated.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) said “This amounts to illegal intrusions into American privacy.” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) called it “A gross abuse of power. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the federal government shall go door to door pushing Americans into vaccine trials.”

Then it got even crazier. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) warned that “This could lay the groundwork to go door to door and take your guns, they could go door to door and take your Bibles.” Talk about feeding paranoia.

To state the obvious, going door to door is not unconstitutional. Census workers do it. Political campaigns, charities, churches, especially the Jehovah’s Witlesses do it. So what’s wrong with going door to door encouraging people to get vaccinated?

When Trump was President, and he promoted Operation Warp Speed to accelerate vaccine development, all those Right Wingers were bragging about how wonderful vaccines are. But now Biden is pushing those vaccines that were developed under Trump, and they are standing up on their hind legs and howling in outrage.

Here’s the one that caps it all. At the big CPAC conference in Dallas last week, Alex Berenson, professional gadfly, said the Biden Administration was “hoping they could sort of sucker 90% of the population into getting vaccinated and it isn’t happening.” Needless to say, the crowd cheered.

The latest statistics on virus infections, hospitalizations and deaths make such paranoia dangerous. Over the last few months, 99.5% of the deaths from the virus are unvaccinated people.

Right Wing paranoia can be fatal.


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