Debating Climate Change

Debating Climate Change August 11, 2021

There is no debate.

Past that, there are idiots who still like to debate it, some will infest these threads, and media channels still try to present both sides by giving them equal air time. Some of you might say “Well, that is no way to try and change their minds.” But I think they are a lost cause. They can believe the US government is secretly lizard people or that there is a paedohpile ring operating out of a pizzeria, inolving goat sacrifice or whatever. I’m not sure we should bother even entertaining them.

This video is an excellent synopsis of the playing field – worth watching the analysis too. It’s also a good exhibition of “I’m not a climate denier, but…”:

Time to change.

Here’s the thing. Whilst I fully endorse personal choices and action – reduce, reuse, recycle, ethical consumerism etc. – it ain’t going to solve the problem.

Regulation, regulation, regulation.

Free marketeers can do one.

In fact, as I have shown elsewhere, due to “necessity being the mother of all invention”, the free market gets a good spark of creative stimulation when prodded by regulatory policy.

It needs one hell of a prodding

Wholesale changes take place at policy level. Don’t ask people not to buy tungsten light bulbs, regulate them out of existence.

We are lobsters slowing heating in the pot and our children will know no different.

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