Why I Am Atheist and Not a Theist

Why I Am Atheist and Not a Theist August 18, 2021

I finished writing a book of collected essays, changed and edited, and brand new writing, all sewn together to give a philosophical account of my worldview, from ontology to epistemology, through natural theology to morality. It is titled Why I am Atheist and Not a Theist. A few awesome people have helped proof it (Dana Horton and Geoff Benson) and I am heavily indebted to them for so doing. Legends. I am now going to go through the motions of getting it published whilst also writing my Exodus book (I completed a section on intertextuality today!) and would love a couple of readers to test drive it to see if it works and what it might be missing, or whether it is indeed, ready to go.

These will be fresh eyes who can somewhat promptly read it over for flow and coherence.

If you are up for it, let me know in the comments and send me an email through the contact tab above.


And if you are able to support me in any other way by buying any books or through the details just below, thank you massively. This is a public expression to those who have donated, who do donate, and who have and will buy my books. You are both why and how I keep doing this.

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