Kenyan Lawyer Sues Israel, Italy for Killing Jesus Christ, Once Again

Kenyan Lawyer Sues Israel, Italy for Killing Jesus Christ, Once Again August 19, 2021

This is a deliciously ridiculous story. Of course, it’s true. People are silly. From the UG Standard:

A Kenyan lawyer Dolo Ididis is attempting to acquit Jesus of the crimes he was found guilty of committing some 2,000 years ago and overturn the death penalty handed down as a result, and has returned to the International Court of Justice once again.

Dola Indisis, a former spokesperson for the Kenya’s judiciary system, whose first case at the ICC was dismissed 8 years ago plans to use the Bible as evidence.

Jesus’s “selective and malicious prosecution violated his human rights through judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice,” Indidis told local media.

Indidis’s case states the methods of questioning during Jesus’s trial by the Romans were problematic; the information used in the case was flawed and probably lacking; and that punishing him while the trial was still ongoing contradicts all forms of justice.

The Kenyan lawyer hopes the ICJ this time will agree that “the proceedings before the Roman Courts were a nullity in law for they did not conform to the rule of law at the material time and any time thereafter.”

The ICJ, created to resolve disputes between states, has no jurisdiction over the matter and will likely for the second time choose not to consider the case, legal experts say.

Oh dear.


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