Why I Am Atheist and Not a Theist

Why I Am Atheist and Not a Theist September 21, 2021

The release of my new book is imminent. The description is as follows, although all details and designs are thoroughly provisional:

While Jonathan MS Pearce has written a whole suite of books that have produced a barrage against theism, in this book, he pulls a number of threads together that build up a case for his own entire worldview. This book is not just about why atheism is a more rational position than its counterparts, but it also builds the foundations for a sound epistemology (theories about knowledge and truth) and morality from the bottom up. Pearce’s account for reality has far-reaching consequences that cover many bases, from God to guns, personhood and abortion to racism, and why he thinks his positions on these subjects are rational.

In Why I am Atheist and Not a Theist, Pearce tackles all of reality in an accessible manner, presenting a cogent case for why he concludes as he does, and why you should too.

The first cover idea is here (any budding graphic designers out there can have a go if they so desire!). I fancy a white, clean design, and like the fonts. (I wasn’t going to bother with endorsements, but) I am waiting for a few author endorsements to go below the description on the left:

It’s a worldview-building book that is aimed at the intelligent layman (sorry Cath Olic/skl/See Noevo) interested in philosophy and atheism, and seeks to show the cogency of my entire worldview.


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