Resurrection Series and Update

Resurrection Series and Update September 27, 2021

I know most of you will know due to my absence this weekend (it was both in preparation and participating in the third part of the MythVision Resurrection series I am doing, and my birthday on Sunday – whoop, 45…) that I have, indeed, been on the YouTubez. Here is the latest interview and the previous two:

and the first…

and the second…

My only regret is going along with the claim in the third one in the reversal of expectation section that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute – a claim that is not actually wholly defensible, so I might say something about that in the next one. It makes no difference to the point I was making, but still.

Anywho, to add to this series, I might well be involved in two further appearances on MythVision, one with a Christian interlocutor to debate, in conversation (much preferred) the Resurrection, and then potentially a further conversation with a convert to Islam.

I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already: The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story [UK].


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