The Times They Are A-Changin’

The Times They Are A-Changin’ October 11, 2021

Depending on how you interpret things, some might see it as a gradual heat death to our existence, others as a Big Crunch before a new explosion into some new, brighter future. Others, still, might not even commit to a prediction, remaining agnostic whilst they lurk – observing, watching – in the shadows of the impending explosion. But whatever way you see it, the times they are a-changin’.

I’ve been here a number of years. I can’t remember how long. Before Patheos, it was Skeptic Ink Network, and before that, I was writing at Debunking Christianity and my own cruddy little blog.

Thank you for the journey, people. You are why I am here. It’s been a symbiotic relationship (for the most part – there are always exceptions) and I am truly grateful. But there are new destinations, now. New event horizons to discover.

Don’t worry, I’m not announcing an impending black hole into which I will be sucked to an eternal oblivion. Far from it. There’s a new star in town. Or, at least, there will be. Until it goes supernova, it’s just biding its time as Pale Blue Dot Studio, and can be found in its own little solar system over here.

Check it out, but it won’t tell you much unless you speak cryptic. Even its name will change. I’m hoping to goodness, and it’s looking like it, that Bert and even Alan Duval will be traveling through space and time with me.

There is something else that has to be said, though:

It’s exciting. Really, damned exciting. 

So I’m asking for you guys to bear with us, but more than that, join us, become with us. It will – for reasons I will not share with you – be important. Perhaps, even hopefully – nay, intentionally – a game-changer.

Our universe won’t be the same.

No. It will be better.

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