When I Was In Antarctica

When I Was In Antarctica November 4, 2021

Twenty years ago, Suzanne and I booked a trip to Antarctica. It was on a small cruise ship, and they limited the passengers to 500, about half or their normal capacity, based on their ability to take us ashore in Zodiacs, outboard-powered life rafts. Unlike cruises to Antarctica today, we went ashore, and walked among the penguins. It was a fantastic and unforgettable trip.

The penguins, at that time, were not interested in real estate values, but they should have been, and so should we. The western peninsula of Antarctica is one of the fastest-warming areas on the planet. I have read that those penguins we saw have moved south in the past few years. As global warming progresses, the day is approaching when polar regions will be the only habitable and arable places for humans. Most of the animal and plant life in areas closer to the equator will perish.

If I could have bought land in Antarctica back then, it would have been dirt…uh…ice cheap. Today, the value of that land has escalated considerably, as it has in northern polar regions. Greenland, Iceland, northern Canada and Siberia will be our new “breadbaskets,” when the formerly temperate food-growing regions become desert hellholes.

Our experiences in northern arctic regions have been even more dramatic. We first visited Glacier Bay in Alaska in 1985. There were a dozen marine glaciers calving into the bay back then. One huge icefall we observed from a half-mile away created waves that rocked our cruise ship. But when we returned in 2000, most of those magnificent rivers of ice had retreated onto land, and were rapidly melting. To global warming deniers, I say, “Don’t try to tell us global warming is a myth. We have been there and seen it with our own eyes.”

Southern California, where I live, will only be habitable if a massive commitment to desalination happens very soon. It is likely that the area will be depopulating within ten years if no action is taken. If you cannot get a water supply for your million dollar home, it is worthless. The writing is on the wall for the southwestern US. It will be a desert, and it won’t be very long before it happens. In fact, it is already happening. Small farmers in Arizona are abandoning their land because they cannot afford to dig ever deeper wells to reach the dwindling aquifer. It will soon be gone, and even the big factory farms will be out of business.

The way climate change is progressing, most of the major food-producing regions will probably be desert within the next twenty years. That may not cause the extinction of the human race, but it will change the course of events in radical ways that most people have not anticipated.

I am 85 years old, and will not live to see the final outcome of this. But the economic catastrophe that is coming will affect the younger members of our family, and friends, who are trapped in a situation that was unforeseen, even ten years ago. The economic impact of this will be greater than you think. California is the largest food-producer in the country. The economy of California is the fifth largest in the world.

The Apocalypse is coming, but don’t expect God to bail you out.

You can try prayer if that gives you comfort, but I doubt if it will help.

The path to salvation requires major financial commitments and sacrifices. But conservative* segments of our population deny all of this. Global warming is a hoax, they say, perpetrated by evil liberal conspiracies that want to take over the world. The only important thing to them is the next quarterly earnings report from the companies they are invested in.

*Conservative it is not. Selfish it is.




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