September 12, 2012

Kevin McCarthy, a regular commentator here, has contributed this short review of a book which certainly looks like an interesting read with regards to arming one with evidence for common ancestry and evolution. Thanks to Kevin for this! Neil Shubin and the discovery of Tiktaalik are triumphs of modern science. Shubin’s book “Your Inner Fish” describes the discovery and its importance in our own bodies. Yes, in our bodies. (more…) Read more

September 10, 2012

I have, over the years, been a keen objector to the Kalam Cosmological Argument, an argument that apologists like William Lane Craig use to posit the existence of a creator god for the universe. It is a simple logical syllogism. I am at present writing a paper which states a series of objections to the argument which will be turned into a book after its completion. I will share with you parts of the paper for debate and critique. I… Read more

September 9, 2012

So occasionally some spontaneously generated comedy hits the mark, like a fine pinot noir. I thought it might be nice for a bit of light relief away from the philosophy and religion. Last time it was the hilarious review for Veet hair removal creme for men. I will include the review that went viral (it has been found useful by over 23,000 customers) for some extra light relief at the end. Now it is the turn for Barrettine Methylated… Read more

September 9, 2012

I was having a discussion about evolution over on another thread of a post I made from the other day. After explaining a few misconceptions and showing that evolution really does have a good smorgasbord of evidence to support it as a theory in a way that promotes bewilderment in the face of denial. It reminded me of this issue with denial: Denial of evolution, usually from a presupposed position of theistic necessity (very few atheists deny evolution!), comes in… Read more

September 8, 2012

This raises an interesting philosophical point which was raised in a New Scientist article last year: Don’t get smart: The curse of knowledge Richard Fisher New Scientist 30 July 2011 pp 39-41 Knowing less can make you a better teacher, a more perceptive student and a happier person overall. It could even make you richer. HEY, you, stop reading right now. This magazine might be bad for you. Put it down, kick your feet up and do something mindless instead…. Read more

September 7, 2012

In 1859 Darwin spilled the first splashes Of his universal acid, and the effects were like magic Burning human arrogance into ashes In pretty much the same way that Copernican math did No, the stars don’t shine just to improve the view from earth No, we’re not the centre of the universe No, we weren’t created in the image of Jupiter No, we’re not so special, and yes, the truth hurts But that’s how evolution works – once it’s been applied The acid burns into the… Read more

September 6, 2012

Some time ago, Robin Ince and some other comedians and skeptical minds came together to produce “9 Lessons and Carols for Godless People”, a skeptical comedy and science carol service at Christmas. It is now a more regular fixture. The whole show is great, but the absolute highlight is this video, a performance by Baba Brinkman, a rap about evolution. It sends shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. It’s just a really cool take on evolution as… Read more

September 5, 2012

I can’t believe it. My country (UK) has a coalition government between a right-wing party, the Conservatives, and a left-wing party, the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives are pretty much just right of centre. Well, they were until today. They have reshuffled the cabinet to this effect. Skeptics beware, there is some serious right-wing science denial going on. The movements are: (more…) Read more

September 3, 2012

I was listening to a podcast by bloggers Reasonable Doubts recently whereby one of the contributors, Justin Schieber, formulated a logical argument showing the inconsistency of the classic understanding of God, particularly a God who moves from an eternal (a-temporal) existence, to creating time (and space) and living within the framework of such dimensions. This is an argument that I have often talked about, formulated more formally than I have done and is well worth thinking about. It actually has… Read more

September 1, 2012

So, following on from yesterday’s video on hell, here is one on heaven. See what you think. Do you have any further arguments for or against heaven? Read more

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