August 20, 2012

So I was at the Mega-Multiple Meet Up in Moors Valley Country Park at the weekend. I have twin 2 year-old boys and our twin club and many other twin clubs around the region got together for a massive multiples family day out, with picnics and activities. Over 120 families (and a lot didn’t register) turned up. And so did a kids’ magician by the name of Mr Merlin and Okey Dokey the Dragon. This burly children’s entertainer had a… Read more

August 19, 2012

Aaron Sorkin’s new show, The Newsroom, has hit the screens both sides of the pond to some polarised reviews. Let me briefly set out the synopsis before telling you why it is so damned important in this day and age – why the message is crucial. Here is a positive review of the show if you have not seen it: Imagine, for a moment, what our lives would look like if scripted by Aaron Sorkin. We’d all be witty, golden-tongued… Read more

August 16, 2012

As Promised, the concluding part to yesterday’s blog post. Is there really no overlap between the domains of science and religion? Taken at face value, the claim that the domains of science and religion are completely non-overlapping is flat out wrong. As I have shown in the last section, Christianity has made scientifically testable claims, and Christians only started reinterpreting these claims in a metaphorical sense after science had disproven them. So, we should maybe rephrase the question to “is… Read more

August 16, 2012

This post will be split into two parts due to its length. This will allow any posters to be able to interact with certain points as we go. Regards, Andreas Schüler. Can science and religion coexist in harmony ? A favorite phrase of sophisticated theologians™ is – science tells us how and religion tells us why. But it is not only theologians who claim that there can be no conflict between properly understood science and religion because they deal with… Read more

August 14, 2012

John Lennon – IMAGINE at the London 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony. from Yoko Ono on Vimeo. Wow, I must say I loved the London 2012 opening ceremony; I adored the games themselves and what they did to communities, attitudes and sporting inspiration in the UK; and I, with the help of some fine wine, massively enjoyed the closing ceremony. However, outside the fun and chaotic mash-up of music and culture, there was one particularly poignant and daring moment. Yes,… Read more

August 12, 2012

Recently, at DC, I posted this: I’m loving the Olympics, I really am. I have even been to see some women’s volleyball and it was great. It has all been so well organised (and in so being, it’s great to put one up Mitt Romney for his silly comments). However, the good ole sporting problem raises its theological head. Who does God support? (more…) Read more

August 10, 2012

This Huffington Post article shows the continuing trend away from religion across the world, with new figures illustrating that Catholic Ireland may no longer warrant that description:   Rocked in recent years by sex-abuse scandals and crises in leadership, the Catholic Church in the Republic of Ireland has been struggling to keep its members close. But this week, a new global survey on faith and atheism has revealed that the crisis of faith inIreland may be much worse than previously thought. (more…) Read more

August 10, 2012

To coincide with the recent release of my book The Nativity: A Critical Examination, I wrote a couple of posts concerning issues with the nativity accounts in Luke and Matthew. One Christian commentator, Vincent, made replies to many of my points, all of which I rebutted. There was one point on which he pushed and that was a thesis by Christian physicist Frank Tipler that sets out to defend the Star of Bethlehem from a naturalistic standpoint. Tipler hypothesises that… Read more

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