February 4, 2020

Trump has been lambasted by those interested in freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the 1st amendment for being very selective in which media outlets he allows into certain press briefings. Back in 2017, CNN, the BBC and the Guardian were barred access (amongst others): The White House barred several news organizations from an off-camera press briefing on Friday, handpicking a select group of reporters that included a number of conservative outlets friendly toward Donald Trump. The “gaggle” with Sean… Read more

February 3, 2020

Short answer, probably not. Long answer, read my book Did God Create the Universe from Nothing?: Countering William Lane Craig’s Kalam Cosmological Argument and whilst you’re at it, please post a nice review or two on Amazon to counter those typical Christian reviews that give 1 star whilst not offering any substantive critique… Grrr. Happy to have recieved this Tweet the other day, not least to confirm that people out there actually read my books, but that they are appreciated and have… Read more

February 3, 2020

Humanist Press have recently published Darwin’s Apostles: The Men Who Fought to Have Evolution Accepted, Their Times, and How the Battle Continues, by David Orenstein and Abby Hafer. The description of the book is as follows: When Darwin finally published The Origin of Species in 1859, there was no guarantee that the grand theory of natural selection would become one of the most valuable ideas impacting biology and our modernity. It was so controversial that some disapproving scientists, many in the Church, and… Read more

February 2, 2020

Although the final vote is probably not until Wednesday, the outcome is settled. Trump will be acquitted. This is almost the best possible outcome for Democrats…and everyone else who wants to kick Trump out of the White House. It would have been a bit better if we could have heard what John Bolton had to say, but as Senator Lamar Alexander acknowledged, it wasn’t necessary. It was clear, he said, that Trump was guilty of using Ukraine foreign aid to… Read more

January 31, 2020

In my recent article about the trumps impeachments, I challenged Republican commenters here at my blog to defend not calling forward witnesses to testify. Now, I’m not asking them to pull down the impeachment as a whole, but just to give their best justifications as to why, given an impeachment is happening, witnesses should not be called forward at this point. As predicted, the rationalisations were pretty egregious. The whole impeachment thing is a joke, not least because Mick Mulvaney… Read more

January 29, 2020

There is absolutely no doubt that the impeachment of Donald Trump is showing the Republican party for exactly who they are – people who are willing to defend their partisan desires and in-group ideologues over and above doing what is morally right. It is excruciatingly painful to see. In my opinion, Adam Schiff and the Democrat managers have done a really very good job at presenting their case and summarising the arguments and counterarguments. Adam Schiff’s closing statement today was… Read more

January 29, 2020

I spent the previous piece on this topic, laying the groundwork for establishing that God is a moral consequentialist before pointing out that some theists create a defence of this accusation by claiming that God is not moral because God is under no moral obligation. What does this mean and does it hold up? Let’s take a look. First of all, what does William Lane Craig say on the matter[1]: Since God doesn’t issue commands to Himself, He has no… Read more

January 28, 2020

I have written an essay that can be found variously on this site called “God Is a Consequentialist” in which I set out that God is a moral consequentialist. Some of which I will now set out or paraphrase before looking at the defence William Lane Craig and others use to get around this. This first piece will set out some of the ways that God is a consequentialist. Firstly, let us look at the global flood involving Noah. In… Read more

January 24, 2020

This tweet came from The Non-Alchemist and is worth dwelling on: If the all-powerful, all-knowing, and perfectly good God of Xtianity exists, she seems to have either guided/allowed evolution to go down this path *or* this suffering is the result of two humans eating a fruit. Forgive us for doubting the plausibility of these stories � https://t.co/sBUQnvuD8H — The Non-Alchemist (@AlchemistNon) January 22, 2020 In YouTube form, if you can’t see it: The two-horned dilemma is spot on. Either: God… Read more

January 24, 2020

The world as I thought I knew it – liberal ideas being promoted by governments and societies progressively evolving towards a better place. Goodness me, ten years ago seems like a bygone era. We have Brexit, where the latest situation is that the US is supposed to be our saviour, paving our path out of the EU with gold. We’ll do a great deal with them! We are barely out when our Chancellor makes an announcement that the UK government… Read more

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