Terry Mattingly’s freelance archives

Why I Am No Longer A Southern Baptist (1982)

Religion News: No Room at the Inn? (1983)

The Religion Beat: Out of the ghetto, into the mainsheets (1983)

One Year As An Episcopalian: A Progress Report (1984)

Beat the Devil: Real life on the religion beat (1985)

The Moscow Files: Images from the revolution of 1991 (1991-93)

Can You “Spot The Lie” in Television Ads? (1992)

What Fire? The Church and Madonna’s Prayer Life (1992)

Youth Culture: Try to Think Like a Missionary (1992)

Why is Religious Television So Bad? (1992)

Bad News, Good News at Denver Seminary (1993)

Religion and the News Media:
Have our biases fatally wounded our coverage? (1993)

And Now, A Word From Your Culture (1993)

Liturgical Dances With Wolves (1993)

Why Journalists Love the Episcopal Church (1994)

Orlando, Evangelicals and the TV Culture (1994)

The Theological Impact of Microphones (1994)

Doing that Episcopal Sex Thang (1994-present)

Four Biases Against Religion News (1995)

Two Views of One Wall (1996)

My Reading List on Media and the Church (1997)

Location X 4: Episcopal Camps (1997)

A Modest Proposal to Save the Church (1997)

Thoughts in Hong Kong: Journalistic heresies in our times (1997)

Dr. Haddon Robinson: A Tribute (1999)

The Mercy Of Confession (2000)

The liturgy of mass media (2000)

A sad Democrat votes: Why I cast my first vote for a GOP president (2000)

Stephen Carter 2.0 – ”God’s Name in Vain” (2001)

Journalism strategies in a hostile marketplace (2001)

Rediscovering Religion – Religion Coverage: Past as Prologue? (2003)

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