In The Beginning…

In The Beginning… October 1, 2011

1. In the beginning…

a) A strange blue dot appeared on the TV screen and I thought it was some new kind of QR Code.
b) There was a massive pile of grading that resembled a Möbius strip of unending work.
c) I was four sheets to the wind in Copenhagen
d) A very dear friend of mine recommended me as a writer for FreeThought Blogs.

2. Which led me to think…
a) I wonder why all the plants have died and the pets have fled the house?
b) “At some point I really have to focus on getting a life…”
c) Don’t want to know the past; I want to know the real deal
d) “I sincerely hope it happens, but I’ll be rather surprised if it does.”

3. Then earlier today…
a) I realised that the city WAS abandoned, and it wasn’t just the start of the school holidays.
b) I discovered that it was possible to bend the time-space continuum using the never-ending stream of arriving assignments!
c) When it pinned you down to the bottom of the tank
d) I thought ‘I might just zip them a message, just to find out if… because you never know…

4. Which then led to…
a) Barricading the house and stockpiling weaponry. Well, more weaponry than usual.
b) Hardwiring the paperwork to a rather hot, strong cup of tea and turning the whole thing on…
c) All your diction dripping with disdain
d) More messages and a wonderful coincidence, plus the help of another talented friend who created my new banner!

5. Suddenly, in an email, were the words…
a) Reality Television Has Taken Over Reality – Resistance Is Useless.
b) Congratulations! You Have Won Alpha Centauri!
c) We’ve had the romance of the century, after all these years wrestling gators

6. Which led me to think, with some trepidation…
a) “I really should have cancelled Foxtel back when I had the chance…”
b) I’m either going to get a Nobel Prize or a lot of really angry Physics professors calling me names.
c) You’re the piece of gold, the flashes on my soul
d) “Well, it’s a great new start and I’ll take it from here.”

7. However, I was definitely…
a) Determined not to let the existence of Australia’s Next Top Model deter me from re-reading The Demon Haunted World.
b) Going to see if this would be worth $1 million from James Randi.
c) Putting up a survey to see if people think there’s ENOUGH skepticism as advertised on Freethought Blogs.
d) Rather excited and intrigued to see what would happen next…

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