Monday Morning Muse – Great Skeptical Books For Kids

Monday Morning Muse – Great Skeptical Books For Kids October 10, 2011

Monday Morning Muse – Because Cute Can Be Creative Too.

Apparently the best Halloween costume of all time? Pup even has his own Facebook page.

Many of you would have read the blogpost on the recent talk at the Texas Freethought Convention in Houston by Christopher Hitchens, where he was asked a question by a young member of the audience:

Though he was asked a variety of questions from the audience, none appeared to elicit more interest than the one asked by eight-year-old Mason Crumpacker, who wanted to know what books she should read. In response, Hitchens first asked where her mother was and the girl indicated that she was siting beside her. He then asked to see them once the presentation was over so that he could give her a list.

Hitchen’s recommendations were as follows:

Dawkins’ Magic of Reality, Greek and Roman myths, particularly those compiled by Robert Graves, anything satirical by Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (author of Infidel and Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations), PG Wodehouse (“for fun”), David Hume, and Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities.

This is something I’ve been asked about often too – not just books for children (which has ended up becoming a several-part series investigation with Skeptical Books for Children – Part OnePart TwoPart Three; Part Four and Skeptical Books For Children – Part Five – that I’ll redo and republish on this blog later this month) but also for adults. I’ll let you know when I rework the entire list and post it on this blog!

My top twenty list of books is not only covered in a podcast interview with Warren of Embiggen Books (On Great Books In Skepticism) – you can also buy merchandise featuring the whole Top Twenty list on the Token Skeptic podcast (which includes t-shirts, notebooks and other designs).

The full list of my Top Twenty is as follows:

Finally – the following is an extended interview stemming from a cute little commercial, but I loved it. Robyn Williams on the name he gave his daughter:

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