Siri Has Nothing On The Weirdness People Look For On FreeThought Blogs

Siri Has Nothing On The Weirdness People Look For On FreeThought Blogs October 18, 2011

Someone on has been redirected to my blog while looking for ‘morning nudity.’ Yeesh.

I just woke up after being unable to sleep from 4am to 7am. You don’t want to see what I look like. Here, have a plush cold-virus instead.

Yes, I’m still unwell. Thoughts for the day:

I’m going to go do X. No, I can’t – I don’t think I can risk driving a car. 

I could always… no, I can’t focus enough to get that done and that will require being able to keep track where is that damned tissue box again?

Why is there cake here? Oh, that’s right, I made cake last night. I don’t remember that.

Apparently some people do all sorts of interesting things on cold medication – I just bake cakes instead. There’s also a small burn on my hand, so this clearly isn’t a good habit to develop while unwell.

So, I’m sticking to sleeping for seven hours during the day, waking up and feeling like the worst person in the world for sleeping during the day when everyone else went to work instead.

What I have done today (which is in no way productive or useful) is poke around behind the scenes at FreeThought Blogs. It’s no different to any other WordPress blog, which means it wasn’t too difficult to find the pages featuring Site Stats – Search Terms.

Some of the top search terms:

freethougt blogs
freethught blogs
free thiughts

What the hell are you typing with, people? At least I have medication for an excuse! I may be off my face on Codral and eating slightly dry cake, but some people clearly have it worse than I when it comes to “qwerty”.

Some of the other weird random searches that bring people to FreeThought blogs:

why choose cliff’s of insanity in the princess bride? – seriously, just make an effort and watch the film. Better than Cliff’s cheat-notes. Besides, teachers can sometimes figure out if you’re doing a cut-paste job on your essay.

“evil volcano lair” – Really? You think we’re going to tell you the location? Search again, Siri.

i have a kitty now what – well, they suit the decor in any volcano lair.

ugly women seattle pharyngula – …I don’t quite know how to respond to that one.

very unpopular groups – I’m starting to think there’s a trend here with those last ones… no volcano lair for you!

What do you name your boobs? – Mine? ‘License and Registration‘.

pronounce stinygiasou – best of luck with that one. Stin-gia-sou?

contraception and abortion blogs – well, I’d rather you came here with that search than some other sites…

indre viskontas is so cute – …um… maybe if she was a blogger here, we’d be more popular and have a bigger lair? Will look into that.

sell your soul for a cookie – I already have cake, thanks.

my little pony four horses of the apocalypse – here you go.

I’m going to have another rest, and then I’ll be conducting another interview for the podcast. Episode Eighty-Three on its way, hopefully with less sneeze…

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