Unwell And The Links That Don’t Help Much (A Bill Cosby Drumming Interlude)

Unwell And The Links That Don’t Help Much (A Bill Cosby Drumming Interlude) October 16, 2011

I have a cold. I’ve just written the Sunday post that I’ll schedule for tomorrow morning… but I thought that I should write something here.


Oh god my head hurts. And I feel awful as I’m letting someone down about a meeting tomorrow but I don’t think I should drive a car let alone be typing anything other than pls get hdache tablts thx into my phone.

I could post you links to illusionist Derren Brown talking to Philosopher, author and Open University lecturer Nigel Warburton about how personal experiences can be misleading and how people attribute design to objects in the natural world.

There’s always the option of pointing out that The Guardian has a nice little summary about ongoing research with ‘Sleights of hand, sleights of mind – Magicians are teaching brain researchers new tricks, which includes a link to a video with Mac King (who I saw in Las Vegas) performing a coin trick:

Or I could smirk about how bloody stupid it was to come up with a TV show about Playboy bunnies in the first place and how glad I am that the series will never reach my country...

I could do something sensible and sobering, like direct you to look at RH Reality Check’s summation (and an Nancy Pelosi video that damn well says it as it is) on House Passes H.R. 358, the “Let Women Die” Act of 2011.

I could even post a link to the following illustration of the situation that currently faces women in the USA regarding the US Maternal Health Care Crisis, which comes to me from Amnesty International (click on the picture to see a bigger size).

All of those things do NOT help me feel any better. Because even though I love philosophy and magic and care a great deal about reproductive health, the back of my throat feels like I swallowed an echidna with a infrasound broadcasting tracking collar.

I could just post this video of a cat planking, which is pretty much exactly what my body is trying to do right now.

Instead, I’m going to finish watching as much as I can of Murder on the Orient Express, before passing out in this cup of chicken noodles.

Here’s something to help you pass the time and cheer you up if you’re unwell too. Bill Cosby on drumming.

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