Meryl Dorey Of The AVN – Appearance On National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS)

Meryl Dorey Of The AVN – Appearance On National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS) December 19, 2011

Appearing on the 98.9 Queensland radio station – an Indigenous, government funded radio station – Meryl Dorey is now advising the listeners in rural and remote areas on vaccinations.

Here’s some of the transcript that I’ve made:

Tiga Bayles: Today I have an interesting guest with an interesting topic; we’re talking about freedom of speech, the right to make free and informed decisions or give free and informed consent. We’re not talking about just black fellas today or First Nation peoples we’re talking about all Australian parents. And the topic and subject is vaccinations. You should be in a position where you can give free and informed consent to that issue, to that topic of “do you or don’t you get your child vaccinated”. 

…Yes, the system doesn’t encourage us as parents and  grandparents to do anything other than vaccinate, they are, uh, the propaganda  is all out there, there’s so much of it, and rarely do we get the opportunity to hear somebody say “Here’s another angle on things, here’s another side to that story, here’s some more information regarding what you’re doing, regarding what vaccination means – is that the case?

Meryl Dorey: What you’ve said so true, not only doesn’t it encourage parents or other people who are trying to make a decision about vaccination to make an informed choice, they actively discourage it. We have the health minster in Queensland saying it’s nonsense to look at the other side of the vaccination issue. An the National Health and Medical Research Council which is the government body that’s involved with this, says that you have to make an informed choice. So all we’re doing is trying to support what the NHMR says and allow people to make and informed choice. If doctors and the government were doing their job, we wouldn’t have to be here… it’s all okay, because it’s very important that this information is available.

7.00 min: …what happens in Australia, only about one percent of the reactions that happen after drugs or vaccines ever get reported, so when doctors tell us “Oh, the vaccines are perfectly safe,” what they’re doing is they’re basing that statement on information that’s at least 99% incorrect. You wouldn’t make a decision on information that was so incorrect if you knew how wrong it was.

So, I think that parents need to be aware that doctors are not reporting reactions and we have a reactions database where they can report to us and we report to the government. And of course, since we’ve never had the funding to advertise this except in interviews like this, the reports we get are just the tip of the iceberg.

10:38 minEvery year in Australia, about eighteen thousand people die as a result of adverse reactions to properly prescribed drugs and medical error, and the Health Department and the medical community do not have a great track record when it comes to keeping people healthy. The Australian Bureau of Statistics, say that 40%, so almost half of all Australian children under the age of twelve are currently being treated for at least one chronic condition – so they’re on medication all the time, for a chronic condition. And that was not the case 20 or 30 years ago, this is something fairly recent. The AVN says that the medical literature is showing that vaccination can be one of the causes, certainly not the only cause for that problem.

But people need to be aware of what vaccines they’re giving their children, why they’re vaccinating and how effective and how safe the vaccines are – and this organisation, Stop the AVN say that you’re not entitled to know that. And I think that people should be aware that there is such a strong push from a very small section of the community to stop them from being informed.

Essentially, as I found via Helen Dale and Chrys Stevenson discussing on Facebook, the host, Tiga Bayles agrees with everything she says. Apparently “He believes whole-heartedly in homeopathic vaccines and mega-doses of Vitamin C”.

It’s been suggested by Helen and Chrys that we make a complaint to the station (National Indigenous Radio Service) and to the Australian Communication and Media Authority. “You might mention to ACMA that as Tiga Bayles is the chairman of NIRS it seemed a bit pointless leaving the complaint solely with them.”

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