Monday Morning Muse – One For My Homegirls Out There

Monday Morning Muse – One For My Homegirls Out There December 19, 2011

Notice the picture? Get filming!

Oh – and this? THIS is the most amazing blog-post on Bigfoot I’ve ever read. Seriously. Go check it out: Sasquatch watchers following Bigfoot blogs for the latest news on their favorite subject – “New on this scene in the last few years is the community of Bigfoot bloggers… “

This blog-post is for certain relatives of the female persuasion who ALL. Have. Birthdays. this time of the year. Yeesh.

I am putting a dash of tomato sauce on a slice of toast, knocking back an espresso and being badda-bing with the holiday spirit in order to head out and buy birthday (NOT Christmas) presents in what will be the nuclear winter of our discontented wailing at every single shop I visit. Here’s a few links with content that I’ll be thinking about as I head out and about, because it is the season to be something-or-other and I might as well distract myself by being philosophical:

Firstly – Can’t Be Tamed: A Manifesto (aka In Which We Teach You How To Be A Woman In Any Boys’ Club) on The Recording:

This one hit me as particularly relevant to skepticism, particularly with the small number of people at the top of the “long tail” of skepticism:

How About When You’re The Privileged Person In The Situation? Golden rule. Don’t deny that the privilege exists or that while some people might have it, certainly you are not one of those people because blah blah blah. Nope. Don’t do that. Admit that the world is unfair, that there are ideologies and systems in place that benefit some people and hurt others, often one at the expense of the other.

Accept that while you didn’t create and don’t directly control these systems, you have definitely benefited from them at one time or another. Equality isn’t about fucking anyone over. It’s about learning how not to do that. Listen to what other people have to say. Do not mistake your personal lived experiences for universal truths or cite them as if they were such. Genuinely listen. Pay attention. Listen. 

Oh and I hear you:

– If you dig too deep with some people it will come out that they genuinely do believe that women are less interested in things than men are. That women who have interests are outliers or unusual cases, This is part of a larger heterosexual male narcissism wherein it is assumed that all of women’s interests are related to men: that if a woman is a record nerd, it is because she learned about it from a guy or she hopes to meet men through it rather than because she just genuinely enjoys music. This is obviously total bullshit. Women have interests because they have their own interests, because they are human beings. They are interested in things. And you can have those independent interests and still want to fuck Mick Jagger, and it doesn’t discount the authenticity of your fandom for the music of The Rolling Stones. It’s not like men don’t equally want to fuck Mick Jagger. That’s the whole point of Mick Jagger. 

Women don’t just like things because some dude turned them onto it. You like things because you turn yourself onto things, because you like finding out what you like. 

In other (very sad) news – Breast cancer is indiscriminate. Former Miss Venezuela Eva Ekvall passes away, aged 28.

Superstitions and jinxes are rubbish . . . except when they’re not – The Washington Post, an article by Tracee Hamilton.

Spokesperson Jason Ball on the Atheist Convention and the death of keynote speaker Christopher Hitchens – on the radio!

Finally – Fort Magic!!

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