Thank You To Those In 2011

Thank You To Those In 2011 December 31, 2011

Firstly – to QEDCon. You were a wonderful start to the year and you’ll be a brilliant event in 2012, I just know it. Special shout-outs to Milton and Bridget, all the people I met at Westminster Skeptics and Prof Chris French and his team at Goldsmith’s College. I just hope the podcasts and vodcasts I did of that time reflect a glimpse of how much I admire you all.

Secondly – to the Young Australian Skeptics. I went to Melbourne and got to do talks thanks to the Freethought University Alliance. I even got to borrow an astrophysics grad staff room in order to conduct an interview and did a supor sekrit tour video of Melbourne Uni for a friend of mine. You rock in multiple dimensions – and you made a book about skeptical blogging become reality. Of course, massive bonus love to Catherine Donaldson for being the velvety iron paw with designing awesomeness-superpowers.

Thirdly – my friends and supporters at Dragon*Con. You make 11280.7 miles / 18154.5 kilometers times two (as I head there and then back!) worth every step. After four years – from being the first Australian vodcaster who decided to attend due to Derek and Swoopy’s undeniably astounding success with their Podcasting and Skeptic tracks, to doing a live show of my own… it’s been unforgettable. And I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement and friendship of so many people I finally got to meet in person. Some experiences are life-changing.

Fourthly – thank you to New Zealand. Gold, in particular – and I hope he knows how much I am rallying for his journey. Thank you to the whole country in general! I’ve never had so much fun holding onto the sides of a building during a tremor in my life, knowing that I was keeping company with you all at a convention that challenged and entertained me. Of course, without Dr Martin Bridgstock, nothing would be the same and it is one of my greatest honours to work with you (and one of my greatest challenges to try to do even a sixteenth of what you are capable of with your wit, wisdom and generosity).

Finally – if you read this, you’d know if it was you. At least I hope you do. Thanks also to FreeThought blogs for taking me on (especially Ed!) and to everyone who checks out this tiny, tiny corner of the massive website. If there’s any “New Year Resolutions” to come from me, it’d be to keep one foot on the ground after such a brilliant year.

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