What’s In My Bag (AKA What Have I Been Doing) – January 2012

What’s In My Bag (AKA What Have I Been Doing) – January 2012 February 1, 2012

I could do a very, VERY long blog-post about everything I’ve been doing in January.

But to be brutally frank, the contents of my bag (which I’ve just tipped out over the table, in order to find my phone) says it all – et voilà:

Firstly, lower right corner – two books that I’ve been carrying around. The first is Graffiti and Street Art by Anna Waclawek, which I used as a source of inspiration during a gifted and talented Community of Inquiry session that I helped out with. The COI even had two students from my former school taking part (which was both surprising, nice and kind of embarrassing; I always think that people forget me once I stop working at a place).

The second book is one that I was taking with me on the bus, that I got in the bargain-bin at Elizabeth’s: The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup, by Susan Orlean. There’s a sticky-note peeking out, which is a brainstorm of podcast episodes that I have planned (I must have been writing it while on the bus. It now serves as a bookmark). I’ve been dipping into this and some other books while taking the bus, in between listening to podcasts.

Tucked under the books is my Staff ID Badge from the university – that’s what I’ve been doing for January, tutoring for a Ethics 101 class! You can see the blue laynard looped around it. I now have all of my grades handed in and some great memories of some very hard-working students who crammed in an entire Semester into twelve days. They don’t call it “intensive” for nothing.

Diary – the cover says “Keep Calm And Party Hard“.

A manuscript (yes, that is a coffee cup stain on it) with annotations. The reason why it’s annotated is because I wrote Book Club Notes / Teaching Guide for it in January – I’ll let you in on it when the book is officially launched!

My sunglasses. A pen or three. My ticket for “An Evening With Ira Glass“, dated 13th January – it was inspirational and hilarious.

There’s my Zoom H4 Digital Recorder – lightweight, tiny and can record a conference-worth’s of quality audio – with a Token Skeptic sticker on the back.

There’s my digital camera, a bus pass and some small change (coins). A chocolate hazelnut Lindt ball (which I really should eat before it gets smooshed) and my purse.

My rather ratty but much-loved iPod. I now have about four (?) of these, but this particular one has been dropped so often (once around this time last year, and now it’s unable to be updated) that it has scars all around the edges that slice into my hand. It holds every podcast episode I’ve ever taken part in and the playlists include “Jogging 201”: featuring Air, David Bowie and Amy Winehouse.

Finally, a box of hardcore (burn your tongue off) Peppermint TicTacs, because I usually eat TicTacs before teaching a class. I’ll let you know how February turns out in a similar fashion, I think. This is a good way of finding my phone, after all…

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