You Guessed It – Token Skeptic April Fool Episode

You Guessed It – Token Skeptic April Fool Episode April 2, 2012

April Fool.

If you haven’t downloaded the Token Skeptic Digital Cuttlefish April Fool episode, please do so before the end of April 2nd… as I’ll take it down from the podcast, as I did with the 2011 April 1st episode. Available for a limited time only!

Many thanks to everyone for their sense of humour, particularly the blog Camels With Hammers and the comments there (you fell for it! Wah hah!!).

Of course, credit to Sharon Hill of the must-read site Doubtful News, whose wonderfully mellifluous voice was subjected to a number of indignities in GarageBand (including sounding like I made her swallow an inordinate amount of helium and talk about a fictional bevy of bloggers who write verse) until I was satisfied with the fascinating final product…

…which got the following responses:

As a reasonably long term reader of Digital Cuttlefish and thoroughly envious of someone who can write verse with such ease, I would like to hazard a guess the the cuttlefish is of the male gender (or if a conglomerate or hive mind, has at least one male component). That was a good use of voice camouflage software there.

I always thought Cuttlefish was a man.

It’s possible that The Digital Cuttlefish is indeed a woman — but this sounds very much like a computer-modified voice, which leaves the question open. Of course, I could be wrong.

Wait, you have a voice? Not just kind of *blub* bubble bubble *glub glub* bubble bubble bubble swoooosh!? I’m not sure I want to know. Is there a transcript? [Additional note – yes, Alethea H Claw, if  would like one, I will gladly send you one!]

I listened to this podcast interview that Digital Cuttlefish gave to Token Skeptic and wound up knowing even less about Cuttlefish than when I began it.

and I think, my favourite:

Up until that interview I didn’t even know it was supposed to be a mystery. I thought Cuttlefish was just another blogger.

As always – much love to Digital Cuttlefish, who gave me permission to be very, very silly. Moose.

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