A Blogging-Break For June!

A Blogging-Break For June! June 1, 2012

Study break! I have two exams coming up and a bunch of “extra-curricular” projects on the boil – so, it’s back to break-blogging with rare updates from me for a while. Remember all the videos that appeared for about a month with “break” as a category? Yes, more of that sort of thing. Mostly science-y, occasionally funny, hopefully worth an average of an three minute break during your work-day.

In addition, feel free to check out the back-catalogue of the Token Skeptic podcast and the Curiouser and Curiouser column, if you’re after more content. Or have a look at the fine content featured in my blog-list on the right hand side of the page – lots of great blogs and sites to read there!

Things to note:

Firstly – I’m being interviewed this weekend for a podcast (in German!) so I’ll pop a link to that when it’s up, and I’ll be interviewing someone for a future podcast. Once exams are done with, I’ll post the latter to the Token Skeptic podcast.

Secondly – view the transit of Venus On Wednesday 6 June 2012 in Central Perth! From the SciTech Website: “A team of volunteers from Horizon – the Planetarium will be roaming Perth’s Cultural Centre on the day, handing out free pinhole cameras and giving passerbys guidance and information on how to use them to view the transit. Make sure you pop down, say hello and witness this awesome occurance – or you will have to wait another 105 years to see it again!”

The event will start from 8:30am to about midday, so if you’re heading through the city, you’ll be able to check it out and I’ll be part of the volunteer team in action.

Thirdly – there should be another article submitted to the JREF Swift blog later in the month, but I’ve not decided on the final topic and I’m not going to think about it until exams are over.

Fourthly – I don’t think I have a fourth thing…

Fifthly – oh, I did put out a call on the Token Skeptic Facebook page and on the Twitter feed that if people wanted to suggest people for me to interview that they should feel free to suggest some names or topics? Just head over to the Facebook page, Tweet at the Twitter or go to the Token Skeptic website and say something in the most recent podcast blogpost or here if you like.

Whatever takes your fancy with suggestions. I should point out, however, that I’ve done shows about sexism and skepticism, women contributing to the field and feminism and so forth a number of times already…

Episode Ninety-Five – On Skeptical Women Online – Julia Lavarnway, Susan Gerbic and Desiree Schell

Episode Eighty-Eight – On Codes Of Conduct Part II – Sexism, Skepticism And Civility Online

Episode Seventy-Five – On Codes Of Conduct: A Brief History of Civility, Inclusivity, Sexism and Skepticism

Episode Forty-Five – On Women, Myths, Feminism and Skepticism – Live Dragon*Con Panel

…so you might like to check out those if you haven’t already noticed them.

Other than that, thanks very much to everyone for your support and I hope to do a few brief updates when I can. Back to the books!

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