Get Moon Mapping! Boop ALL the Craters For Science!

Get Moon Mapping! Boop ALL the Craters For Science! June 27, 2012

You’re stressed? YOU’RE stressed? Well, not me – because earlier in the year I signed up to the email alerts from Cosmo Quest:

We need a BIG PUSH to get some much needed crater data for a conference in mid-July. Also, if you are going to #TAM2012, help us recruit new CosmoQuesters in person! Email

It’s funny how spending ten minutes circling a bunch of grey lumps and tagging them as “WFT?” (What Fermi That?) can do wonders for your grey matter.

Internet issues? Pah.

Someone called someone a stinky skepti-poo? Whatevs.

Where the hell did my class list go did that lecturer take it with him when he scooped up all the paperwork on the desk I was using oh my god half the class are former high school students of mine and one of them just asked me if I still have that Matrix-style black jacket from 2006 that they remember so fondly… sod, I need another planet to focus on for a while.

Boop boop boop with the little green circles and hit the button for the next photograph. Oh look, apparently I’m nearly as good as the people who do this with a proper science degree attached to them. Craters for the win!

Boop – got another one!

Anyhoo, if you have some lunchtime spare and want to contribute to a research project that the CosmoQuest folks are presenting on in under a month, do sign on and you can win stuff.

I won stuff, and I was rather astonished about it – my NASA sticker is proudly displayed on my laptop cover and if CosmoQuest are willing to send stuff to a town nearly as far away from them as the moon (maybe it just feels like that some days), then they must be good sorts.

Sign on to CosmoQuest and make Dr Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci and all the others at Cosmo Quest Southern Illinois University Edwardsville tremendously happy and they might send you stuff as well. Stuff is good. Craters are good. Listen to the latest episode of Science On Top as you boop craters: it’s got another local hero, Daniel Midgely, talking about gorillas and hand gestures, baby robots, and dyslexic children!

[Yes, random combinations of scientific topics are good too. This is how I blog. Shut up and circle some craters already. Boop.]

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