The Sad Closure Of Grassroots Skeptics

The Sad Closure Of Grassroots Skeptics June 4, 2012

I was one of the people who suggested a Speakers’ Bureau for the Grassroots Skeptics (inspired by another similar project, to promote women in Australia post-2010 Global Atheist Convention called ‘No Chicks, No Excuses’ – by fellow presenters Leslie Cannold, Jane Caro and Catherine Deveny) – and I’ve just got the word from KO Myers that the Grassroots Skeptics is closing down.

Slightly more than three years after it was conceived, and slightly less than three years after it was launched, Grassroots Skeptics is ending its life as an active project. Generating useful output has gotten increasingly difficult over the last year. The demands of my career and my work on Skeptically Speaking have limited the amount of time I’ve had to spend on it. My efforts to recruit partners for new projects haven’t been fruitful. Finally, the increasingly bitter and divisive struggles happening within skepticism as a movement have exerted a serious downward pressure on my motivation to stay involved.

After several months of sometimes painful deliberation, I can no longer maintain the pretense that Grassroots Skeptics continues to serve a useful purpose. Rather than allow it to founder, I’d prefer that it make a reasonably graceful exit. As of June 15, updates to the website and our various social media outlets will officially end. When the URL comes up for renewal, I will allow it to lapse.

One of the features of the site (which I asked KO about) was the hosting of the Skeptical Activism Campaign manual – I now have that on my site, here, rather than let it disappear. Some of the other features included an Index of Skeptical GroupsBlogs & Websites and Skeptical Media, along with the Skeptical Speakers Bureau – I hope others will carry on these features too.

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