Token Skeptic Interviews And Interviewed! Profs And Pints, Hoaxilla And Jonny Scaramanga On A.C.E!

Token Skeptic Interviews And Interviewed! Profs And Pints, Hoaxilla And Jonny Scaramanga On A.C.E! June 13, 2012

I have managed to completely miss everything that everyone else is doing for the Secular Student Alliance – but the donation feature is still up in the sidebar of everyone’s blogs at FTB and every little donation does help them out. Please don’t take my absence as an excuse to miss out helping a great bunch of hard-working activists for students worldwide. They support me and I wouldn’t be doing all the work I do, without fine groups like them.

Speaking of absence, here’s three things that have popped up while I’ve been busy studying:

Firstly – I was interviewed by the German Hoaxilla podcast! Report on the “6th World Skeptics Congress” – HOAXILLA Special # 04 has a great range of interviews and you’ll hear me pop up as the English-speaking representative. I can’t say enough about how wonderful their community is and I hope to meet them again in person one day. I was also interviewed by a Curtin University reporter Stevie Modern for InkWire (a local online journal), called Atheists Meet – the interview also features the Global Atheist Convention’s AFA representative Jason Ball!

Oh – I’ve recently submitted a little article to the JREF Swift blog, on the topic of education, so keep an eye out on those pages as well.

Secondly – have you read the essay on Pharyngula by Jonny Scaramanga? He also features on the newly-released Token Skeptic, Episode One Hundred and Twenty-Three with Jonny Scaramanga!

Jonny is an independent musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and teacher in Bath. He once attended a Christian Fundamentalist ACE school and questions whether the system has done the right thing by him and thousands of students world-wide, at “Leaving Fundamentalism”. Huge thanks to Milton and Bridget Mermikides for encouraging me to get in touch with him, after listening to his essays on the Pod Delusion podcast.

Finally – I have a Storify of all the Tweets from the Profs and Pints session held yesterday at the Flying Scotsman! SciTech’s Entering The Inspiration Vacuum (When reality TV and YouTube can move a nation, is there still room for science heroes?) featured Emma Donnelly – Science Outreach Coordinator at Curtin University and Thom Smyth – Marketing Manager at The Blue Room Theatre. Some top Tweets included:

Profs and Pints are always a good night out, I hope to catch up with more in the future! In the meantime? Here’s to less drama…

…focus on what’s important now – and have a great weekend, readers and listeners!

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