Google Hangout Review – Skeptical Manga Doodles!

Google Hangout Review – Skeptical Manga Doodles! September 23, 2012

I’m currently watching this:

…and as Fraser Cain said (when he popped in to say hello to everyone), it is brilliant that people are using Hangouts in a variety of ways – as great as Astronomy hangouts are and virtual skeptics / conversational get-togethers are. This “Skeptical Manga Doodles” session was being run by Kyle Hill, Sara MayhewAstrid Johannsen and Bob Blaskiewicz.

Conversations were in no way restricted to technicalities like scribe pads, scripts and sketches and the difficulties of creating “layers in meatspace” as opposed to drawing software – discussions included:

The comparative influence of postmodernism in literature and science; the work of Kurt Vonnegut (and a very cute “Yay!” from Bob);

Ada Lovelace, phrenology, and mesmerism;

Kyle Hill admitting that he’s never seen or read Harry Potter (the next Google Hangout will naturally involve water dunking and a marathon session of reading to avoid drowning…);

The placebo effect and misconceptions about its definition and the influence of subjectivity, leading into cyborgs, bionics and the intricacies involved in drawing Ash from Evil Dead leading to distracting Sara by asking for an exploding cheetah drawing (“the worst piñata ever”);

Captain Picard from  (“He looks so bloody annoyed!”) Season 3 Episode 4 – Who Watches the Watchers, the world’s worst George Takei impersonation and how Kyle’s nerd cred is in serious need of overhaul despite his lousy excuse of “having watched less television than everyone else”;

Brian Gregory’s beard in zero gravity, its Mr Potato-Head qualities when it comes to space travel and how the sketch will be added to a Vision Board to achieve a dream (don’t ask)… oh, he’s not a hipster despite the hat. But his beard is very amusing.

So, this is what I did instead of going to Fraser’s #MoonNight astronomy hangout (not that he had a problem with that, but I’m going to have to keep a calendar organised at this rate so I can catch as many things as I can)…

…and here’s my skeptical cat!


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