Help Out The Young Australian Skeptics – You Know You Want To (Because You’re Loved)

Help Out The Young Australian Skeptics – You Know You Want To (Because You’re Loved) October 15, 2012

I haven’t been this tired in a long time. And yet, despite being rundown and probably borderline due for a visit to the doctor… I found myself responding at length to a request.

“We’ve noticed that there are actually very few other websites and podcasts about skepticism and science for/by young people. This adds a bit of an extra responsibility to what we do, so…

If you could add something to the Young Australian Skeptics blog or The Pseudo Scientists Podcast to make it better than it already is, what would it be? How better could we help and interest young skeptics and science enthusiasts?”

Why bother responding, you may ask yourself?

Well, I don’t make much of a fuss about how much I contribute to other groups; as far as I’m concerned, if you’re part of a minority and you have the time and/or resources, it’s just something you do.

But to be up front about it – well, I’ve sent skeptics to conferences out of my own pocket, donated to events, worked backstage, contributed to fundraisers and to building up resources – let alone time via blogging and podcasting that gets the word out to a number of people, in a number of different places and settings. Hell, I’ve even fetched tennis balls for some of the most ungrateful, shallow people on the planet… Long story, maybe I’ll tell you about it one day when I can see the funny in it (mind, writing it down makes it look pretty funny and it’s cheering me up already with the absurdity of it all – don’t be too generous, is the moral!).

So, I don’t hesitate to respond and then advertise this request. One reason is because I see very, very few established in the skeptical-sphere readily support newer groups. Do they see them as a threat, somehow (how on earth??) to the status quo and their spotlight? Do new things just pass under their radar? Is it just pure everyone-is-so-busy-with-their-own-things? I honestly have no idea. I tend towards too-much-going-on than malice, really. Anything else is just too depressing to contemplate.

But what I do know is that it honestly isn’t any skin off your nose or much time out of your day to lend a hand and walk the walk. And when I look back at all the time, money, sweat and air miles I’ve donated… well, maybe it makes the haters a lot less credible and those who like me a lot more reasonable. Which isn’t so bad.

Therefore – send in your feedback, oh people of the internet:

Head to either –

Their Facebook Group:

Their website and leave a comment here on their most recent podcast episode (hear for yourself what they’re like if you don’t know them and want to be specific with feedback!)

Email them at : youngausskeptics(at)gmail(dot)com

Then tell yourself you are a good person – because with every decent gesture, you are. And I thank you for it, at least – and I know the Young Australian Skeptic will be ten times as grateful that you cared.

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