Thank You ScienceRewired! Blogging, Tweets And Memories

Thank You ScienceRewired! Blogging, Tweets And Memories October 13, 2012

I just finished being completely collapsed for the end of the day – and was presented with a “welcome home!” live lizard by the cat, which is always a bonus. Don’t worry, the lizard is safe (if tail-less) outside and the cat is currently snoring and out of the way of native wildlife for the rest of the night.

In short – tremendous thanks to ScienceRewired – here’s the live-blogging sessions.

ScienceRewired Live

[By the way, I’ve also placed my podcasting notes on the Token Skeptic podcast blog-site, under “Power Of The Podcast – Token Skeptic Introduction To Podcasting Lecture From ScienceRewired”]

Here’s the three Storify documents, incorporating three times of the day and all the Tweet note-taking:

ScienceRewired Morning Sessions

ScienceRewired Mid-Day Sessions 

ScienceRewired Afternoon Sessions

And here’s some photos of great times – thanks to Ande, Kendall, RiAus, “Athon” and all the fantastic fellow presenters, the Tweeps and new science communicating friends and contacts – you really made it a highlight of 2012!

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