Little Kitten – The Evolution Of Life On Earth

Little Kitten – The Evolution Of Life On Earth December 1, 2012

What’s in my bag? A champagne cork.

Don’t worry, it’s not early Christmas celebrations and out-of-habit drunken frivolity; instead I attended the Women in Media event at the WA Art Gallery and it popped into my bag as the staff were pouring me an orange juice.


It was a wonderful night out and after being asked today to podcast at the sold-out TEDxPerth, I’m going to consider it a little memento of serendipity.

Alexander Calder – Flying Saucers:

And now? Still recovering (resulting in little computer-based work) and doing a lot of loose-end-typing up and have to stay offline, so here’s a video from the creative duo behind AsapSCIENCE.

They have previously illuminated such enigmas as the science of lucid dreaminghow music enchants the brainthe neurobiology of orgasms, and the science of procrastination.


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