Long Weekend Pending, A Discussion About Bloggers Asking For Help (While Waiting For Students To Arrive)

Long Weekend Pending, A Discussion About Bloggers Asking For Help (While Waiting For Students To Arrive) January 25, 2013

Oh dear holy hades. My papers are graded and on their way back to students. I have succeeded in my goal to have everything done.

What has FTB got in store for me in my mailbox?

Two bits of spam, one in response to the snappy video about the next StarCraft game that I posted, which starts with:

AFTERLIFE SCIENTIFIC EVOLVEMENT: The following is VERY IMPORTANT if you are interested in being open minded about life after death.

… and then proceeds to go where no StarCraft game has never gone before. For about 1000 words.

Mind, I guess Kerrigan kind of had a life-after-death, but I’m fairly certain that lolloping Zerg and the gently undulating Creep tracing its way across the map isn’t what they had in mind when it comes to immortality. It’d be pretty icky.

Other than that, it’s nice short sharp spam:

Jesus is lord

…good to know.

Then someone trying to sell me ugg boots or Viagra or general happy happy pills for happy wool-wearing individuals. Do people honestly click on this kind of stuff?

Still no students.

Here’s a nice photo of what’s out the window of where I seclude myself in order to focus on grading papers:

nice seaside view

It’s fairly quiet around here right now, but I’ll be battling if I try driving into work over the next week or so. I’ll take the bus instead.

No students.

Other things that happned recently – I had a discussion on Twitter about whether people should or should not have an issue about Avicenna asking for help getting a new laptop – and as it always seems around here, before I even have a chance to blog it, one of the other (let’s face it) more popular blogger/s have mentioned it and they’ve fundraised enough and more than they need and so it seems rather dated and quite frankly unneccssary for me to mention it at all:

I have been effectively hamstrung as a blogger. The best I can do is work on articles piecemeal over 2 or 3 days to get them out by beg/borrowing/stealing internet on PCs when I can. It’s not “ideal” but it is doable.

So I am asking for help. I need a new laptop. I need to basically raise 600 pounds for a half decent laptop that I can use for everything from work to blogging, to watching YouTube videos of cats and defeating the zerg.

Zerg is clearly very very important to FTB bloggers.


[A student arrived! Yes! And now they’re gone again.]

HOWEVER, the issues that people may have (which they’re quite free to raise, not a problem) in regards to bloggers asking for funding for items is fairly interesting and resulted in this rather civil discussion on Storify:
[View the story “Conversation about FTB, Charity And Asking For Help And So On” on Storify]

…and now I’m running down to the local bookstore in order to get some free food. Geeze, it’s good to see that I’m getting slowly back into blogging again. I guess. More tomorrow. Perhaps. It is a long weekend, after all.

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