New Token Skeptic Podcast – Why Is There A Skeptical Movement?

New Token Skeptic Podcast – Why Is There A Skeptical Movement? February 26, 2013

Daniel LoxtonI am JUST NOW running out the door to head off to Radio boot Training Camp (yes, yes, while you’re on your way to work – I know, my life is awesome, shush…) but I wanted to get this episode out before I left, because I love you all:

Episode One Hundred And Fifty Six – On Why Is There A Skeptical Movement – Interview With Daniel Loxton.

On February 6th of this year, the Skeptics Society announced a new project over on the Skepticblogs site, authored by Daniel Loxton:

For over twenty years, the Skeptics Society and Skeptic magazine have labored at the forefront of the skeptical movement—constantly experimenting, often pushing the boundaries, but always circling back to the heart of the skeptical tradition.

This week, we’re pleased to present Daniel Loxton’s challenging and provocative new project, “Why Is There a Skeptical Movement?” (PDF). Almost two years in the writing, these two meticulously-researched chapter-length explorations dig deeply into the roots, founding principles, and purpose of scientific skepticism.

If you don’t know who Daniel Loxton is, then you really need a history lesson. But for those who came in late, he’s the Editor of Junior Skeptic (the 10-page kids’ science section bound within Skeptic magazine). He’s is the author and illustrator of the national award-winning kids’ science book Evolution: How We And All Living Things Came to Be and is also the author and illustrator (with Jim W. W. Smith) of Ankylosaur Attack, a paleofiction storybook for ages four and up. This is the first book in the “Tales of Prehistoric Life” series from Kids Can Press, with Pterosaur Trouble soon out and yet another new book co-authored with fellow Skepticblogger Professor Donald Prothero on the way.

Why Is There A Skeptical Movement is an impressive document, covering two millennia of paranormal skepticism, and even if you are convinced that you know what skepticism is about, is well worth reading for the fascinating narrative of investigators, scientists and activists from years past. And if you are convinced that you know what skepticism is all about? You may very well need to read this document a few times.

This was a huge amount of fun to do and I really hope that I hear Daniel talk about the history of scientific skepticism more in the future. Right – my bags are packed, are I’m off to get some learning of my own – and see you later in the week!

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