Token Skeptic Interview – Shelley Segal – Now Out! (And More Science Podcasting News)

Token Skeptic Interview – Shelley Segal – Now Out! (And More Science Podcasting News) February 10, 2013

Shelley Segal at Abbey RoadNow out over on the Token Skeptic podcast site:

Shelley Segal was brought up in a musical family, singing from the age of three and performing with her father’s wedding band from age eleven. She’s been performing her original music live for ten years and recording for four years and even moved to the UK for a production deal and recorded two albums there.

Her first is An Atheist Album, which is a reflection on her world-view as an atheist, on religion and related themes, and on the first of March, you can get her latest release Little March – a jazzy/bluesy collaboration with US guitarist singer song writer Adam Levy.

Shelley has written and recorded pop, folk, jazz, blues, country, electronic, reggae and rock songs and has toured the US and now Australia, including the Global Atheist Convention in 2012 and the Reason Rally in Washington DC. You can catch her on her current Australian tour by checking out the dates via visiting her site at

February 19, Byron Bay, NSW, Byron Bay Brewery

February 24, Brisbane, QLD, X&Y Bar
February 27, Melbourne, Vic, The Toff
March 2, Lismore, NSW, Tatts Hotel

During the interview, we talk about Shelley’s picture of her crossing the crosswalk outside Abbey Road – and here it is!

You may have noticed that I’ve updated the donation buttons for the podcast (and on the official site), since a friend mentioned that the monthly donations were not featured as they once used to. As always, suggestions for interviews or improvements to the show are greatly welcomed – and many, many thanks to all my friends who support the show, it’s wonderful to have listeners like you.

Now what? I’m currently learning how to use Adobe Audition, which is software used in creating radio programs. As a part of the course I’m doing, I’ll be interviewing musicians (local ones!) and I hope to produce the very next show using Audition rather than GarageBand – I taught myself how to use GarageBand, so it’s fantastic to get guidance on more complex equipment. I’ve always had to learn on my own when it came to podcasting (a kind of hit and miss playing with GarageBand until I got the hang of it) and I became more and more interested in resources that talk about ‘behind the scenes’ and research on science podcasting and its use in outreach.


A lot of credit for my learning about the field goes to the Podcasting Track that was run by Swoopy at Dragon*Con, as the audio from sessions from around the mid-2000s was put online where I could download them (I also attended some of the sessions at the convention, over four years). A great number of science podcasters who were influential in the early growth of podcasting were featured. The most recent Skepticality, episode #200, reveals that Swoopy will no longer be running that track, and I think that’s a great loss as she was instrumental in gathering together some very talented and prominent podcasters like Tee Morris, Fraser Cain, Steven Novella, Pamela Gay, Scott Sigler, Dave Hitt, and so on. I hope the track continues to be a valuable resource.

Later this month I hope to be giving a talk at a local college about my experiences (not too dissimilar to the talk I gave at ScienceRewired on podcasting) and I’ll post more information about that when I can. Other than that, I’m now preparing for the next semester of classes and studies.

Check out the Curiouser and Curiouser column for the next article for February –  and if you’re attending the Perth Writers Festival, you may see me running around attending lectures by Margaret Atwood, Jared Diamond and the like!

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