A Song I Inspired – Is In A New Musical Called Quitters (Coming To Brisbane In 2013)!

A Song I Inspired – Is In A New Musical Called Quitters (Coming To Brisbane In 2013)! March 2, 2013

A fair criticism of my blog is that I tend towards posting a LOT of videos.

Mind, considering that I podcast (Token Skeptic and 365 Days of Philosophy); research and write for the CSI and JREF websites and post lengthy articles for them, as well as study full time and teach part time…

… Well, I’ll do with my blog what I damned well want and I consider videos of pretty great quality worth checking out. Besides, I really like Adele and I’m glad someone publicly stuck up for her. So there.

Here’s a video and some news worth checking out, and it’s something that I’ll write more than just a sentence about… See, a while back I inspired a song.

Not kidding.

I kind of fell over with joy when I was told, and then hid behind the couch going “WAHHHHH!!!” for quite some time. The song is “Science Girl” by Josh Bonnett and awesome isn’t the half of it.

It’s now in a musical! What’s the musical about?

Quitters is the story of on-line reverend, Craig Helsphere, his wacky family, and a divinely inspired Journey to cure a variety of alleged addicts using their god-given musical powers… and maybe a little… old-school coercion.

More details over at http://www.quittersmusical.com – and the Facebook page is here. I’ll post more news about the production when I get more details, but do bookmark the site, folks in Brisbane!

Check out the opening (more awesome video)!

Quitters – Cabaret Preview – Brisbane Feb 2013 from Helsphere Ministries on Vimeo.

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