Bloomin’ Heck – The Editor of TED.Com Mentions Me Re: Rupert Sheldrake TEDx Talk

Bloomin’ Heck – The Editor of TED.Com Mentions Me Re: Rupert Sheldrake TEDx Talk March 12, 2013

But you don’t care about that – what you DO care about (and should care about!) is that many of these talks are referred to by teachers (I would use a TED talk in Philosophy or English class to illustrate a point, particularly about the environment or critical thinking or examples of rhetoric and activism), policy-makers and by online learners as useful resources and as a platform that many of them would aspire to have their ideas and innovations one day featured.

A TED talk is something that people compete to be a part of – and there’s really wonderful TEDx events that bring together communities and recognise their talents and achievements, such as those in a remote city like mine.

So, here’s a part of what’s been said – please go to the official site and have your say on the questions about quality and standards in TEDx and what the Rupert Sheldrake talk says about maintaining good resources.

DARN – edit to say it looks like comments are closed, but you can vote up the ones that are there?

You are invited, if you like, to weigh in today and tomorrow with your thoughts on this talk. We’ll be gathering the commentary into a couple of categories for discussion:

1. Philosophy. Is the basis of his argument sound — does science really operate the way Sheldrake suggests it does? Are his conclusions drawn from factual premises?

2. Factual error. (As an example, Sheldrake says that governments do not fund research into complementary medicine. Here are the US figures on NIH investment in complementary and alternative medicine 2009-2010: )

As a note: Please know that whether or not you have time or energy to contribute here, the talk is also under review by the TED team. We’re not requiring your volunteer labor — but we truly welcome your input. And we’re grateful to those who’ve written about this talk in other forums, including but not limited to Jerry Coyne, PZ Myers, Kylie Sturgess and some thoughtful Redditors.

P.S – “thoughtful Redditors” – oh my, they exist? Oh dear! 😉

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