The Australian Christian Lobby… Sorry, The AUSTRALIAN CAT LADIES’ New Site!

The Australian Christian Lobby… Sorry, The AUSTRALIAN CAT LADIES’ New Site! April 28, 2013

I’d seen rumblings of this happening on Twitter, having caught a ‘holding’ page before the launch – but here it is!

Appears that the has let their site lapse…  and left the cat-door open!

Done that myself with cat-doors, the little buggers get in and manage to gnaw their way into a box of doughnuts, despite people telling me that “cats don’t like cake”.

What are the values of the Australian Christian Lobby Australian Cat Ladies? There’s a number of items that you may have noticed in the Australian news recently, which include:

The ACL recognises the validity and right to exist of all families, whether they be straight, LGBTQ, childless, single parent, single cat, multiple cat or catless. The ACL actively encourages family values such as love, consent, communication, regular nap times, and scratches under the chin/behind the ears.

…The ACL believes in the importance of human and cat life, and as such, is a staunchly pro-choice organisation. No woman should have anything less than full bodily autonomy, and no human or cat should have to suffer an unwanted pregnancy. Thus, the ACL advocates for full decriminalisation of abortion across Australia, the covering of RU486 (or “medical abortion drug”) by the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme, and desexing of cats of all genders at the age of approximately 3 months.

and, of course:

The ACL aims to foster a more compassionate and just society by encouraging inclusivity, actively working against oppression of all kinds, and disseminating cat .gifs wherever they may be needed. 

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