IFLSLive for ScienceWeek Australia! Tickets On Sale, Wednesday 3rd July

IFLSLive for ScienceWeek Australia! Tickets On Sale, Wednesday 3rd July June 30, 2013

Check out the first interview I’ve done for the event here, with IFLS creator, Elise Andrew! I’ll be there, blogging, podcasting, the usual social media side of things!

AUSTRALIAN FANS: Tickets for IFLS Live! Sydney will go on sale on Wednesday 3rd July at 12:30pm (AEST) here:http://bit.ly/17r6Kda

Join the FB event page here: http://on.fb.me/17L18ya and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates: http://bit.ly/GLVkFb

ScienceAlert and I F*cking Love Science are joining forces to bring Sydney the ultimate evening of science on August 12th at the Powerhouse Museum.

Elise Andrew (founder of IFLS) and co-host Derek Muller from Veritasium will be joined by Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt, the Bad Astronomer Phil Plait, Dr Karl, academic-comedian Justine Rogers, Henry Reich of MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth, Mitchell Moffit & Gregory Brown of AsapScience, Carin Bondar of Wild Sex and Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day. #iflslive

Come and grab a drink, meet other Australian science lovers and find out why your favourite science celebrities f*cking love science. This event is strictly 18+. Tickets are $35 or $30 for concession.

Support for this awesome event is provided by our partners:UNSW ScienceJames Cook UniversityANSTO and The Shell Questacon Science Circus.

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