Token Skeptic Podcast – On A Better Life – By Chris Johnson

Token Skeptic Podcast – On A Better Life – By Chris Johnson February 3, 2014

Now out! Warning, it contains a joke about Chris Stedman’s socks.

Token Skeptic Episode One Hundred And Seventy Seven – On A Better Life – Interview With Chris Johnson

For this episode, I talk to Chris Johnson, the creator of the book A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy & Meaning in a World Without God.

The myth persists. Even in our modern world, countless people believe that without God, one’s life has no purpose or meaning — that the lives of atheists are devoid of joy and happiness because they are not religious.

Explore the meaning and joy of life with 100 atheists in this book of photos and commentary featuring Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett, Steven Pinker, Penn & Teller, Julia Sweeney, Alex Honnold, Derren Brown, and more!

Extremely cool book, absolutely great photos and I really enjoyed listening to the audio element as well as the visual beauty of the book. There’s a few clips that were kindly provided that are used in the intro to this show – thanks again to Chris!

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