Last Two Days Fundraising For The New Token Skeptic Book!

Last Two Days Fundraising For The New Token Skeptic Book! October 24, 2014

I’m down to the last two days for the new book fundraiser!

Spread the word if you can – just a blogpost, Tweet, a FB post or a Google + can help make it past 50%… or maybe even 60%… ?
The whole book is now handed in to Alex, the editor of the new book – I’m now down to a quiet week with sound editing to make the audio version.

Let’s not forget a cover and a title! I’ve had two in mind and discovered that one was already used by an author, so that’s narrowed it down. I’ll be working on the cover while in design class (surrounded by some very talented students, who’ll give some helpful advice on making it look even better).

Of course, if I hit above the goal limit, I’ll be paying a designer to tweak it further, but at this point, I’m just glad that there’s been so many kind supporters and I really appreciate your faith in this project. Even if you are without faith in general!
Here’s a sneak preview of what will feature:

– essays on homeopathy, superstitions (of different kinds!), education and involvement in activism;

– interviews on magic, alternative medicine, science communication, conspiracy thinking, STEM careers and philosophy, with a wide range of people all over the world… some not published or broadcast online yet!

It’s a mixed bag, with a bias towards the contribution of women to skepticism, atheism and rationalism; some big names, some not-so-well known, as I think that it’s important to enjoy the words of some famous contributors but also highlight and promote those people who should be encouraged to be the next stars.

Here’s to October 25th deadline!

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